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Cleantech Start-ups in Canada

Clean technology, or cleantech, is defined as a process, product, or service that works to reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts.  This can be achieved through energy efficiency improvements, using resources sustainably, or participating in activities that protect the environment.

Cleantech includes the technology that drives recycling, renewable energy, and green transportation.  The technology often improves the lives of those it serves, whether in a third world country or a developed nation.

Canadian Cleantech Leading the Charge

Canada currently is one of the world leaders in clean technology innovation, and the top G20 country.  For the past two years, 12 Canadian companies have been recognized on the Global Cleantech 100 List, an index of innovative companies who are transforming the world. 

Clean technology companies are already employing more than 195,000 Canadians in high paying jobs, and that demand will only increase as the market expands.  Below are just three examples of Canadian startups leading the charge in cleantech.



In 2007, Ecobee was launched to help reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling a home.  The smart products provide better efficiency, but do not compromise on consumer comfort, making them more widely accessible.  Since its inception, customers across North America have saved more than 17.6 TWh of energy, enough to take all of the homes in Las Vegas off the grid for a year.


Axine Water Technologies

Axine recognizes that manufacturing operations pollute water with toxic, non-biodegradable organic contaminants, and that existing solutions were harmful to both the industries and the environment.  They developed a solution to treat pollutants, such as polymers, pesticides, and organic acids, on site with zero waste.


Enbala Power Networks

This energy company exists for one reason: “to create an energy future that’s sustainable and balanced.”  Enbala replaces conventional power stations with more efficient and clean energy assets.  These power stations can better handle peak demand, and with far less environmental impact.

Canadian Government Supports Cleantech

The market for cleantech is expected to reach $2.5 trillion by 2022, and investment in these technologies is integral to the Canadian Government’s Innovation and Skills Plan.  It is also an important factor in allowing Canada to meet climate change goals, and reduce its overall impact on the environment.

The largest Canadian funder of cleantech entrepreneurs is Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).  This arm’s-length government foundation supports Canadian companies that are making an impact against environmental challenges.

Clean technology companies that are seeking advice and funding can engage a team of experts across Canada using the Clean Growth Hub.  A government funded program, the Hub seeks to provide resources to Canadian businesses working with clean tech, and serves as a single point of contact to connect those businesses with available programs and services.    Many of the 12 companies on the Global Cleantech 100 List have benefited from programs and services provided by the Clean Growth Hub.